Necropolis screenshot featuring a giant serpent

The Dark Souls series is my favorite bunch of games in all of existence and roguelikes are my favorite way of passing the time, so you would think that a combination of the two would result in a game so amazing I would never leave the desk again, but unfortunately Necropolis fell short from such a lofty goal.

Thankfully, there is a bit of hope on the horizon as Harebrained Schemes has promised to release an entire series of free updates in order to address community criticism and turn Necropolis into the game everyone wanted it to be. All of this was detailed in the recently posted announcement, so if you're interested in the full picture I'd recommend you head over there, but for now here's the short version of what to expect in Necropolis' near future:


Continue to fix high-impact bugs.

Continue to improve enemy behaviors to make creatures more fun to fight.

We’ll be exploring enemy speeds, aggression settings, animation timing and more to better differentiate enemies and vary their challenges.  

SHORT-TERM (Coming over the next two weeks):

Revise weapon descriptions to provide better clues as to their advantages or drawbacks.

Revise spawning system so that enemy spawning feels more logical and less frustrating.  

MID-TERM (Coming 2-4 weeks from now):

New enemies that change up gameplay.

Revise enemy spawning so that some harder enemies will show themselves earlier in the game, resulting in more challenging combat with a greater variety of enemies.

New weapons and armor sets featuring unique stats with positive and negative trade-offs to allow for more varied play styles.

• Turn crafting recipes into loot objects that can be found throughout the Necropolis to encourage further exploration.

Update the co-op revive system to provide a greater challenge.

Improve shields to make them more effective in combat.

Loot rebalancing based on feedback.  

LONG-TERM (Coming 4-8 weeks from now):

Improvements to the final enemy to make him more challenging.

New and better designed traps.

New ways to engage with and affect the environment, like the platforms you can rotate.

Completely new outdoor environment - The Black Forest - a wintry deathscape to explore.

New Black Forest enemies.

New potions and scrolls.

A second playable character, the Brute. 

While all of this might sound like a series of empty promises, simply there to placate the angry public, I have a good deal of faith in Harebrained Schemes given that their very first game, Shadowrun Returns, also released in a rather rough state, only to be improved and enhanced many times over. Here's to hoping the same will happen with Necropolis as well, because as a concept its the game of my dreams.

If you would like to grab Necropolis despite all of this, you can find it on Steam at a rather hefty €28 price tag, though to be perfectly honest, I would recommend you wait with your purchase until all of these updates finally roll in. There's no reason for you to spend a rather hefty amount of money on something that even the developers admit is currently unfinished, unless you really, really want to play Necropolis right now.

Necropolis' strange fish monster