MTG Arena artwork for Elesh Norn from Phyrexia: All will be One set

[Update #2]: All cards for MTG Arena's The Lord of the Rings crossover set have now been revealed.

[Update]: MTG Arena has now banned Fable, Bankbuster and Invoke Despair in order to shake up Standard.

It took a genuinely surprising number of years for us to get here, but the day has finally come! MTG Arena, Magic: The Gathering's slick and modern digital adaptation, has now made its way onto Steam.

Much like the standalone version, the Steam re-release of MTG Arena uses the free-to-play model and gives you access to all of the various game modes and formats from the very beginning. As a new player you'll likely need a couple of months of regular play in order to build up a somewhat competitive collection, but once you're established it should be fairly easy to keep up with the new additions. This goes doubly so if you're a fan of the tournament-like formats as those let you snag extra packs and currency through prizes.

It's also important to mention that everything is handled through a singular MTG Arena account. This means that not only is there cross-play between the various versions, but your collection will also come with you to whatever platform you decide to play on, and this goes for both PC and mobile.

As far as Steam Deck compatibility is concerned, I have some good and bad news. The good news is that MTG Arena runs fairly smoothly on the Steam Deck, while the bad news is that there is currently no official support for it, hence you'll have to jump through some hoops like remapping the controls in order to play properly.

There is unfortunately another bit of bad news, and that's the simple fact that the Steam version doesn't support macOS unlike the Epic Games Store one. Why exactly that's the case, I have no idea, but what I can tell you is that the MTG Arena team is currently looking into a solution. So with a bit of luck, the macOS version should appear in the near future.

You can keep track of any developer updates, as well as learn more about MTG Arena as a whole, over at Steam. Enjoy!