Khans of Tarkir artwork for Savage Punch

[Update #2]: MTG Arena devs have shared the Format Popularity Stats and their Plans for the Future.

[Update]: All of MTG Arena's upcoming Wilds of Eldraine set and accompanying Enchanting Tale bonus sheet have now been revealed.

As a part of the recent Gen Con panel discussion, Wizards of the Coast have revealed a whole bunch of new sets and card expansions. While the details for many of these are still few and far between, I'm happy to say that MTG Arena players will be getting pretty much exactly what they've been clamoring for!

First and foremost, the fan-favorite Khans of Tarkir set (notably not the entire Khans block) will be arriving at some point in late 2023. Unlike the previous remasters this one will include every single card found within the set, and yes, this does indeed include the all-powerful Fetchlands. Whether they will be legal in Historic or just formats like Historic Brawl, that I'm afraid Wizards of the Coast has not clarified just yet.

The Explorer format will then continue to expand throughout 2024 with the addition of new Anthologies and, most importantly of all, a brand Pioneer Masters set! This will be an Arena-only draftable set that will bring with it a ton of all-star Pioneer cards, and thus likely transforming Explorer into Pioneer... at least as far as tournament decks are concerned anyway.

If you don't particularly care about Pioneer, however, worry not as there's some exiting new things coming to Historic as well. Most notably, Modern Horizons 3! The entirety of the set will be making its way to Arena seemingly without any sort of changes, so expect to see the Historic meta shaken to its very core as the Modern Horizons sets tend to be incredibly powerful.

The last big thing worth mentioning is that MTG Arena will be getting a Final Fantasy themed set in 2025. Much like the currently active Lord of the Rings crossover, this will be a fully featured set with its own draft format, mastery pass and cosmetics. I'd love to tell you more than that, but I'm afraid the whole thing is still shrouded in mystery.

Once we get more information about these sets, or Wizards of the Coast announces something major, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about MTG Arena's future over at the official website. Enjoy!