MTG Arena artwork showing off the Golgari guild

If you ever wanted to get into MTG Arena, now would be the perfect time to do so. Not only has Wizards of the Coast just announced a massive $10,000,000 pro league, but they are also currently giving away a variety of extremely good cards, and I say that without even a single hint of sarcasm.

Simply head on over to the in-game store, use the "GAMEAWARDS" code, and you'll immediately unlock 33 highly competitive cards. If you're wondering what these cards might be, as well as what they actually do in-game, allow me to share with you the full list:


1x Cleansing Nova

1x Ghalta, Primal Hunger

1x Risk Factor

1x Search for Azcanta

1x Vraska's Contempt


4x Conclave Tribunal

4x The Eldest Reborn

4x Lava Coil

4x Merfolk Branchwater

4x Sinister Sabotage

There is not a single one of these cards that doesn't feature a prominent spot in one or more competitive decks, so if you're even remotely interested in MTG Arena, these cards would be an excellent starting point for your collection. That said, if you do decide to play MTG Arena, make sure to first collect all of the free decks over the course of a week before crafting any new cards!

Speaking of which, you should also use the "PlayRavnica" code in the in-game store. This one gives you a couple of free packs, so while it's less impressive than the cards above, it's still a nifty little bonus.

You can learn more about MTG Arena, as well as give it a try for yourself, by visiting the official website. Have fun!