MTG Arena Lost Caverns of Ixalan dinosaur artwork

[Update# 2]: MTG Arena has re-released Khans of Tarkir and launched Timeless - a new high-powered format.

[Update]: The Alchemy mini-expansion has now arrived, and I have to say, the cards below ended up being even more fun than I expected!

Despite the entirety of Khans of Tarkir coming this December 12th for Historic and Explorer players, the MTG Arena team has somehow managed to find the time to create another in a long line of expansions for the Alchemy format. As such, the titular Alchemy: Ixalan mini expansion will be launching on December 5th with 30 new cards to toy around with.

Much like before, a good chunk of the cards have been designed to beef up the various archetypes and mechanics found in the main set. Or in other words, you can expect to see support for things like dinosaurs, pirates, merfolk and artifacts, as well as a couple of individually spicy cards that are bound to make a splash even in older formats like Historic Brawl.

The full list of cards has not been revealed just yet, but you can check out the ones showcased so far over at Scryfall. As for me, allow me to share with you a couple of the more interesting cards that were spoiled so far:

MTG Arena - Alchemy:Ixalan card artwork for Mycoid Resurrection MTG Arena - Alchemy:Ixalan card artwork for Mythweaver Poq MTG Arena - Alchemy:Ixalan card artwork for Caldera Breaker

As you can see, they're really quite something! Whether they're going to see any sort of competitive play however, I have absolutely no idea, but I'm definitely looking forward to trying them out and seeing just what kind of hasty monstrosity I can reanimate with Mycoid Resurrection!

Once Alchemy: Ixalan arrives and all 30 cards finally get unveiled I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun thinking of creative ways to completely break the trio above!