Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 is now available and brings with it many changes

Morrowind Rebirth is, surprisingly enough, a TES: Morrowind mod that is all about enhancing the gameplay experience through the addition of new creatures, armor, weapons, as well as various zone overhauls, graphical improvements and bug/balance fixes.

Update 3.6 brings with it massive overhauls to three zones (Red Mountain, Ghostgate, Suran Dock), numerous bug fixes, balance tweaks and a few more features. You can find the full change log and download link over at the Morrowind Rebirth moddb page.

If you need help installing Morrowind Rebirth head over to the installation tutorial, but be warned, it requires a tiny bit of fiddling and some prerequisite mods in order to get to a working state.

As a side note, its fascinating to me that Morrowind, despite its clunky gameplay and blocky graphics, has managed to become such a timeless classic that there are not one, but numerous complete overhaul mods out there. 

The two most interesting examples are the OpenMW project which aims to re-implement the entire engine in order to improve both the game and its mod support potential, and Skywind which is currently in the process of recreating Morrowind in the much superior Skyrim engine.

Morrowind Rebirth 3.6 Skeletal Guardians of the crown

The new guardians of the Crown of Torment