Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX artwork and logo

In celebration of the series' 25th anniversary, the first two Monster Rancher games have now been re-released for PC and Switch alongside a bunch of improvements. Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX brings with it all of the previously available content along with 27 new monsters, extra save and freeze slots, a fast forward mode, as well as a variety of new tools to help you raise the perfect little monster.

What all of these improvements look like in actual gameplay, that you can get a little bit of a sneak peek at through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a gander:

As someone that played the two games religiously many years ago, I can safely say that while these are solid games, they are definitely not for everyone. They are both repetitive and grindy, with most of the satisfaction coming from raising your favorite monsters and turning them into unstoppable killing machines. So while the new version does greatly improve things, you might still want to do some extra research before diving in, just to be fully clear on whether the Monster Rancher series is for you or not.

You can do so, as well as check out some of the user reviews, over at Steam. Have fun!