Monster Hunter: World screenshot of a giant dragon

Monster Hunter is one of these series that would instantly find a massive following amidst the PC crowd, though for some reason Capcom never bothered to port it over. Thankfully, the upcoming Monster Hunter: World will not only improve upon the gameplay formula the series is famous for, but it will also be available for the PC!

If you're new to the genre, or if you're simply wondering what Monster Hunter: World has to offer when compared to its predecessors, you'll find a rather lengthy gameplay video right below. Whoever is playing the demo is obviously a bit inexperienced themselves, but they do at least showcase everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter series, so its well worth checking out:

Monster Hunter: World will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018, while the PC version will be "coming at a later date". How long we'll have to wait, I'm afraid I don't know, but on the positive side the developers did say they will take as long as they need to in order to make sure its a quality PC port. To learn more, or just check out some other gameplay videos, I'd suggest heading over to the official website.