Monster Hunter: World screenshot of a dragon attack

The console versions of Monster Hunter: World are set to arrive in the very near future, on January 26th to be specific. As for the PC version, it has just recently been announced that it will be coming at some point this autumn. It's going to be a rather lengthy wait,  but on the positive side it does also mean the developers are prepared to take as long as necessary in order to make all of the dragon hunting as compelling as possible on the PC version.

And speaking of dragons, you might be interested to hear that the developers have recently posted a brief preview video showing off the various Elder Dragons in action. On a slightly more grounded note, it's also worth mentioning that the very first free content update in spring will bring with it the 'fan-favorite' and rather angry Deviljho. But for now, here's the video showing off the Elder Dragons:

If you're more interested in actual gameplay, allow me to share with you two lengthy developer previews, each one showcasing a different zone. The first one is for the colorful and vibrant Coral Highlands zone, while the second one is for the dark, gloomy, and rather desolate Rotten Vale zone. The two videos might be a bit on the lengthy side, but they should give you a pretty damn good idea of what to expect from Monster Hunter: World.

On the other hand, if you prefer the written word, you can learn more about Monster Hunter: World by heading over to the official website. And since I have very little else to tell you, let me leave you with the most recent video showing off the deadly Nergigante. Enjoy!