Monster Hunter: World screenshot of a drake attack

While I was fortunate enough to completely avoid such problems, a rather significant portion of PC players has been running into connectivity issues while trying to play Monster Hunter: World. With that in mind, I am glad to announce that Capcom has now released an update aimed at correcting some of these major issues.

Not everything has been fixed just yet, but you can expect to see less error messages while using the matchmaking system, fewer random crashes while joining or playing in online sessions, as well as a fix for the crash that would occur if you changed between windowed and full screen mode. Given the complexity of the problems there aren't that many details available, but if you're interested you'll find the full patch notes right below:

• Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline when searching for online sessions.

- Also readjusted the matchmaking function to make it easier to find an online session via "Search for an Online Session" > "Matchmake".

• Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline after having joined an online session.

• Fixed an issue where error messages would display and kick players offline while playing multiplayer.

- This adjustment reduces the number of occurrences, though it does not completely resolve the issue. We will continue to investigate this matter.

• Fixed an issue where the error message "E_FAIL : hr" would display and the game would crash when switching to full screen mode.

Important: You must update to the latest version of MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD to apply the fixes above. The latest version of the game is revision number 151910. You must close and reopen the game for the update to take place. You can verify the version number in the top-left corner when you launch the game in window mode. Keep in mind that you can only match with other players who have the same update version as you.

The Monster Hunter: World team is still working on further changes, so if this update has not managed to improve the situation for you, make sure to keep sending them feedback via the Steam forums. And with that said, I wish you the best of luck on your hunts!