Monster Hunter: World screenshot of a dragon attack

Monster Hunter: World will be coming to consoles this January 26th, while the release date for the PC version has not yet been revealed. On the positive side, the developers did say they will take as long as they need to in order to ensure that Monster Hunter: World ends up being a quality PC port.

So while we're stuck waiting for more information, allow me to share with you the recently posted Paris Games Week 2017 trailer. It doesn't feature anything new in terms of mechanics, but it will give you a pretty damn good look at a variety of different locations and monsters. Have a gander:

You can learn more about Monster Hunter: World, or just check out some of the other gameplay previews, by heading over to the official website. Furthermore, if you're interested in what sort of weapons and combos you'll be able to play around with, you should also check out the recently posted gameplay videos featuring all of the available weapon types. All of the videos are relatively short, but they should still give you a good look at the weapons, their strengths, playstyles, and potential combos. Enjoy!