Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer screenshot of the new Odogaron monster

[Update #2]: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's latest preview shows of the vast majority of monsters we'll get to fight against, and unsurprisingly, they're all pretty cool!

[Update]: The PC version of Monster Hunter World - Iceborne will be coming in January 2020!

Monster Hunter: World is set to arrive this September 6th on consoles, bringing with it a whole bunch of new content. There will be a brand new storyline to experience, new regions to explore, piles upon piles of gear to craft, and naturally, a whole bunch of new monsters to slay.

While the recently posted trailer doesn't exactly go into detail about any of those things, it does still showcase some rather interesting locations, as well as significantly more dangerous variants of monsters we're already familiar with. Most importantly, Iceborne will give us the ability to mount giant badgers! Here's what it all looks like in action:

When it comes to the PC version, I'm afraid Capcom hasn't announced anything new just yet. In other words, you can expect the PC version to arrive at some point this winter.

Once more previews pop up I'll make sure to let you know as I'm eagerly awaiting them myself, but until then you can learn more about Monster Hunter World: Iceborne over at the official website.