Monster Hunter: World Winter Star event screenshot showing the hub area

If you've been away from Monster Hunter: World for a while and you're looking for an excuse to come back, you might be glad to hear that there's currently a couple of events going on, especially on the PC side of things. The past few updates have added new monsters and tempered versions of some of the Elder Dragons, while the latest update has also brought in the rather festive Winter Star event.

Much like the Autumn Harvest Fest, the new Winter Star event has arrived alongside a variety of new quests to complete and items to collect. The Handler has received a new outfit, there's new armor and layered armor to equip your character with, and perhaps most importantly of all, you can now dress up your Palico friend in a charming little snowman costume.

Monster Hunter: World adorable snowman palico costume

It's paw-sitively adorable!

In order to acquire these items you will need to collect Winter Star Tickets which come from quests and daily login rewards, as well as components that are found throughout the missions themselves. And if you've managed to miss some of the previous events and their rewards, you might also be glad to hear that those have made a return with this update as well. In other words, go and get the Wiggler Head Armor (pictured below) - it's hilarious!

You can read more about the Winter Star update, as well as check out what each quest has to offer, by visiting the official website. Happy hunting!

Monster Hunter: World screenshot of the Wriggler Head armor

Need I say more?