Cobalt is free to play for today

[Update]: The promotion is now over.

Cobalt is a 2D platformer/brawler/shooter where every single thing is done through the use of combat rolling, extreme slow-mo action, and plenty of good ol' regular shooty action as well. It released back in February to some mixed reviews, mostly on account of the story campaign being rather imbalanced, but from what I can tell the multiplayer is almost universally praised.

So if you would like to give Cobalt a spin and see if its the sort of thing you might enjoy, now would be the prime time to do so as Cobalt is free to play on Steam for the next 22 hours. Here's the trailer, so you can hopefully get a better idea of what on earth Cobalt is all about:


While I haven't played it personally, I would recommend you stick with the multiplayer during your free trial as the matches are short, exciting, and most importantly, seem like a whole load of fun. As for the story campaign, only tread there if you have nerves of steel and don't mind repeating a section over and over again due to difficulty, and occasionally finicky controls.

If you find yourself enjoying Cobalt you can grab it on Steam at a 33% discount which brings the price down to €13,39/$13,39. Unlike the free to play period, however, the discount lasts for two days, so there's no need to rush your decision.

Cobalt is a multiplayer brawler/shooter/platformer