Scrolls (or Caller's Bane) artwork showing a bunch of bunnies

While Mojang's Scrolls brought with it a rather interesting take on the online card game formula, it unfortunately never managed to gather enough of a following to warrant continuous development. All of this eventually culminated with Mojang shutting down the servers earlier this year, though not before promising they'll try and release the server software to the public.

Very little has been heard about Scrolls since then, but it would appear that Mojang was successful as the community-run Caller's Bane has now arisen as a the game's successor! As expected, it is exactly the same game as before, though due to the server package now being public it is entirely possible to rebalance cards, change some of the rules, and even add new trials. Whether you want to actually use any of these new tweaks, that is entirely up to you and the people you decide to play with.

Speaking of which, if you would like to get involved with Caller's Bane you should head on over to the download page. If you need some people to play with, however, you should visit the official Discord as it currently has a small but active community of like-minded players.

Have fun, and here's the original launch trailer, just for nostalgia's sake!