Mirror's Edge: Catalyst combat & movement detailed

With the May 24th release date for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst slowly creeping over Dice have finally started to release some more information on the upcoming open-world runner (or rather jumper).

Today's trickle of information comes in the form of two new gameplay trailers showcasing movement and combat as well as a bit of information on how it all works. Have a look:


When it comes to movement, Catalyst brings a couple of new toys to play around with. The first is a new move called Shift which gives you a short burst of acceleration and when combined with the ability to turn on a dime should allow for plenty of ways to chuck yourself off the nearest rooftop in a hilarious fashion.

Another new addition to Mirror's Edge are gadgets. The two showcased today were the Mag Rope which is a fancy way of saying grappling hook and the Disruptor which doesn't so much disrupt people as it does beat them down in to a pulp. Its unknown whether there are any more gadgets to obtain or not but I sure do hope so because the two shown today are leaning heavily on the plain side.


The combat in Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is centered entirely around momentum as movement and quick actions are the best way of building up your focus, a mystical state of conscience where you are able to shrug off bullets and beat down armed an entrenched enemies with punches to the noggin.

Its obviously unrealistic, and quite silly, but as a mechanic it does sound fun. Mirror's Edge is the type of game that relies heavily on its pacing so you obviously don't want to hide around walls while waiting for enemies shuffle over, its far more fun to jump off the wall on to one of them and then Mario your way across the room instead, realism be damned.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is coming for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 24th, 2016.