Mirror's Edge Catalyst story trailer & closed beta sign ups are now out

Despite the original Mirror's Edge being only a minor hit I'm very glad DICE and EA opted to greenlight a sequel to what might be one of the most unique AAA games done in a very long time.

And with Catalyst's May release date slowly approaching we are now finally getting some tidbits of information, this time around in the form of a story trailer. Take a look:


While the overall narrative seems to be fairly standard and not worth discussing much the voice acting and the general art style were phenomenal. The original Mirror's Edge was a good looking game with plenty of contrasting colors, nice flat shapes and overall bright atmosphere (damnable sewer level excluded) but Catalyst takes it all to a whole new level. It also helps that we've had almost 7 years of graphical advancements since the original's release. 

I'll admit that some of the voice acting showcased in the trailer was well on the cheesy side but overall there is a lot of emotion in there and if you're planning to have a story-focused game that's a great way to get players engaged. Hopefully the writing will be equally as good since a poor script can ruin even the best acting.

If you would like to try Mirror's Edge: Catalyst during the upcoming closed beta head over to the official website and sign up. You only need an EA account to be eligible.

And if you don't get lucky this time around I'm sure there will be a few more beta tests before the official May 24 launch. That multiplayer component will require plenty of people to stress test the servers.