Moonbreaker miniature-based tactics game artwork and logo

Unlike Subnautica that mostly focused on exploration and atmosphere, Unknown Worlds Entertainment's freshly released and miniature-based tactics game Moonbreaker is all about the strategic battles. However, if the players don't have access to all of the game pieces because they're locked behind progression and monetization systems, exploring all of those different strategies and playstyles becomes very tricky.

Needless to say, this is a serious problem for a game that's currently in Early Access precisely because the developers require a lot of player input and data in order to get everything polished up and ready to go for the big launch. So in order to correct this issue and to make sure everything goes by smoothly, the Moonbreaker team has now completely removed any and all monetization!

Microtransactions might return once Moonbreaker is fully finished and ready to launch from Early Access, but for the time being all of the units are instantly unlocked with the purchase of the base game, while the Season Track progression has been made both faster and more rewarding. A pretty solid improvement for the very first major update, all things considered!

It's also worth mentioning that if you've purchased any Pulsars, the paid currency, you will be granted an automatic refund. If you've bought the Founder's Pack, however, your Pulsars will be replaced with an exclusive Zax and Slopper skin. If that isn't something you're interested in, you can also request a full refund until December 6th, 2022.

Personally, I feel like removing the monetization is absolutely the correct approach here as Moonbreaker is a fairly niche game, and as such putting up any sort of paywalls in front of new players was bound to result in disaster sooner or later. Whether this will be enough to get Moonbreaker out of the rut it has currently found itself in, however, that still remains to be seen.

Whatever the case may be, you can keep an eye on any future updates, as well as learn more about Moonbreaker, over at Steam. Enjoy!