Minecraft: Story Mode official screenshot showing off numerous characters

Due to business reasons I probably can't even comprehend, Minecraft: Story Mode is currently in the process of being pulled from all store shelves, both virtual and physical. Any sort of support for Season 1 and Season 2 will be stopping on June 25th, so if you ever wanted to give the series a try, this would be your last chance to do so.

According to Microsoft's announcement, it is highly recommended that you download all of the episodes prior to the service being discontinued in June. Whether they will be downloadable after the fact for current owners, I'm afraid nobody knows for certain, so I would advise taking Microsoft's advice quite seriously.

That said, most of the games pulled from sale were and still are downloadable on Steam, so it is entirely possible the same will apply to Minecraft: Story Mode. The only catch is that the sales have already been suspended on Steam, so if you don't already own a Steam copy, you might be out of luck.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn a little bit more about this situation, as well as follow any future announcements, over at the official website.