Minecraft: Story Mode's PAMA computer

If you haven't been keeping up with the news the past couple of months you're no doubt wondering how in the blazing nether-hells does a five-episode series somehow get to episode 7? The answer is quite simple as the original narrative concluded in episode 4, and since Telltale had a bunch more stories to tell they decided to extend Season 1 of Minecraft: Story Mode to a grand total of 8 episodes.

Throughout the upcoming "Episode 7 - Access Denied" you will need to help Jesse and the crew deal with PAMA, a sinister "thinking machine" purely designed to make everyone and everything as efficient and optimal as possible, much to the detriment of those being enhanced. Here's the trailer to hopefully give you a better idea of what nonsense I'm talking about:


Episode 7 - Access Denied will be arriving on July 26 at a $5/€5 price tag, and if you would like to save a grand total of 0 dollars you can also purchase the Minecraft: Story Mode - Adventure Pass for €15/$15, it will grant you access to episodes 6-8 as soon as they are available.

Minecraft's VR goggles

Yep, that's actually a VR headset within Minecraft