Minecraft: The Update Aquatic screenshot of a trident and a dolphin

Despite water covering large stretches of most Minecraft worlds it is rarely anything more than a minor annoyance, an obstacle you need to cross in order to get to the fun stuff. That won't be the case for very long, however, as the Minecraft developers have now announced a massive update centered exclusively on the oceans.

"The Update Aquatic" will add a whole bunch of new areas to explore, including things like coral reefs and giant shipwrecks, as well as greatly improved water physics. There will also be a variety of new fish to encounter, dolphins to befriend, monsters to slay, as well as special enhancements to make underwater combat and movement much less tedious. For example, the Loyalty enchantment will allow you to throw your melee weapon like a boomerang, while the Slipstream Dash will give you the ability to quickly close the distance with your enemies.

There is currently no release date set, but you can expect The Update Aquatic to be Minecraft's next major update. To learn more, as well as check out a brief trailer showcasing the new content, you should give the video below a look. If you only care about the gameplay footage, however, simply skip to 9 minutes into the video. Enjoy