Minecraft screenshot of skeletons in the new Nether update

[Update #2]: Minecraft's next major update will rework, improve and expand upon Caves & Cliffs.

[Update]: The Nether update has now arrived, and it's a pretty big one!

After spending quite a few months going through beta testing, Minecraft's massive Nether rework is now nearly upon us. You can expect to see it arrive this June 23rd for PC, consoles and mobile platforms.

In terms of content, the update is greatly expanding the diversity and amount of biomes found within the Nether, as well as adding Piglins and Hoglins as new NPCs to contend with. The Piglins will be particularly nasty to deal with since they are highly territorial and greedy, yet peaceful enough to lull you into a false sense of security before bonking you over the head with a golden sword.

There will also be a brand new crafting material to find within the Nether - Netherite. While it will be highly difficult to work with, this new material can be used to create some of the most powerful pieces of equipment in the entire of game, so be prepared to dangle over lava if you want your characters to be as strong as they can possibly be!

You can find all of the details about the Nether and its inhabitants, as well as check out the previous developer updates discussing various upcoming features, over at the Minecraft website. Enjoy!