Minecraft Dungeons official artwork for Seasonal Adventures

If you're just looking for an excuse to dive back into Minecraft Dungeons, you might be interested to hear that the team has now revealed Seasonal Adventures. These Battle Pass inspired seasons will offer a variety of weekly challenges, each of which will grant you Adventure Points that can be redeemed for a whole assortment of exclusive rewards and cosmetics.

While the exact details are still shrouded in mystery, you can expect to see things like pets, fashionable flairs, emotes, as well as straight up cosmetic items for your character. As is traditional, there will also be an optional (and paid) Adventure Pass that offers additional rewards on top of that, though once again the details are few and far between.

You can get a little bit of an idea of what this will look like in-game through the recently posted trailer. So if you're curious, have a gander:

Besides a whole bunch of cosmetic content, Minecraft Dungeons will also be adding "The Tower" later this year. The Tower will be a singleplayer focused dungeon where each floor you climb steadily increases the difficulty and throws more and more complex enemies at you. Additionally, it seems that The Tower will have some roguelike elements to it so you'll have to go in with a completely basic character and slowly build them up as you ascend to the very top!

Once the Seasonal Adventures update goes live I'll make sure to let you know. For now, you can learn a tiny bit more about it over at the Minecraft website.