Minecraft: Dungeons official artwork for the Jungle Awakens expansion

[Update]: Minecraft: Dungeons very first DLC, Jungle Awakens, is coming this July 1st.

A short while ago Minecraft: Dungeons arrived for both PC and consoles, bringing with it a more colorful and relaxing take on the ARPG formula. Despite it looking a little bit shaky on some of the previews, the launch of Minecraft: Dungeons ended up being pretty darn solid, and I'm glad to say there will be even more of it coming in the near future!

According to Mojang, there are currently two major pieces of paid DLCs in the work, as well as plethora of free content for everyone to enjoy. Most importantly of all, the team is also in the process of adding cross-platform functionality!

The exact details are unfortunately still few and far between, but the first of the planned DLCs - Jungle Awakens - will be coming this July with a variety of new zones to explore, enemies and bosses to turn into compost, as well as plenty of new weapons, armor and artifacts to toy around with. When it comes to the second DLC, we currently know even less, but you can expect to see Creeping Winter arrive at some point later this year with its very own twist on the gameplay.

As previously announced, both of the DLCs will be available for 'free' to anyone that owns the Hero Edition, while everyone else will need to buy them piecemeal. Once again, the price is currently unknown, but given that the Hero Edition is $10 more expensive, it's likely that the individual DLCs will be in the $6-$8 range.

You can learn a little bit more about the team's plans for Minecraft: Dungeons, as well as keep an eye on any future DLC announcements, over at the official website.