The Worms series is one of those games that I never actually owned yet I ended up playing over a hundred hours of at my friends house. It was, and still is, a great blend of chaos and strategy that only got better as our skill in the game increased and we were able to pull of some really tricky shots.

And it is from Worms that Mayan Death Robots draws inspiration but it isn't just a copy of the Worms formula with Death Robots added, its a bit more interesting than that.

The first big difference is that you don't control a team, you control a single powerful unit, the titular Mayan Death Robot. There are 10 to chose from (they are unlocked through playing), each with their own fighting style and weapons.

Whereas in Worms each player takes turns to dish out the punishment the action here is simultaneous. What this means is that the moment you're done firing you need to start preparing for the next turn which comes rather swiftly.

You can start aiming your next shot or you can decide to reposition and perhaps build up some defenses to throw off your enemies aim. Either way the fact that you and your opponent share the same turn timer makes the game really exciting because you have to decide how you will take care of your own defense while still keeping an eye on what your neighbor is doing with his and how you can counter it.

If that wasn't chaotic enough there are also random events that you will have to deal with. There might be a meteor shower that destroys most of your upper defenses so you're left with the choice of going aggressive or trying to prevent the enemy from whacking your core whose annihilation would signal your defeat.

Or perhaps a barrier rises and separates the two of you for a turn, allowing you to maybe even recover from a loss by building up some much needed defense.

But no matter what happens the turn timer will always be ticking away ensuring that the rounds are quick and action packed, something I can definitely get behind.

Mayan Death Robots is currently out on both Steam and Humble Bundle for €13.49/$13.49/£9.89.

And here's the documentary trailer: