Massive carrier ship from the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer

As is tradition with Mass Effect: Andromeda, EA has released an exciting new trailer that brings about many questions, but offers next to no answers. It does, however, give us a glimpse at the new Normandy-styled ship, currently rumored to be the "Tempest", as well as a look at the potential FemShep.

You will find the two-minute long trailer right below, and if you're a fan of the Mass Effect series, well, prepare for some goosebumps:


The story in Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place many years after Shepard chose his/her favorite color and saved the known universe, and as such there will be numerous technological advancements to toy around with. Since the Mass Relays are no longer operational, and as such travel between the stars is bound by such silly things as physics, humanity has resorted to the use of cryo-pods in order to survive the long journey through the empty void. This is a seemingly small detail, but it might indicate that the year gap between Andromeda and Mass Effect 3 is far larger than expected, which could bring about an interesting take on the Mass Effect universe since the humans will surely by that point be "well established".

The final part of the trailer I wanted to touch upon was the human character at the very end, perhaps a potential FemShep? Given that we've already met the male variant, and since no other companion has been even been hinted at so far, this might just be the long-awaited FemShep announcement. All of this is pure speculation on my part, but that's half the fun when you have 0 details to work with!

Speaking of details, here's a brief rundown of what Bioware is attempting to do with Andromeda, straight from their blog:

More Freedom: One of our biggest ambitions is to give players an unprecedented level of freedom for a Mass Effect experience –where you’ll go, how you’ll get there, and how you’ll play.

New Uncharted Worlds: We’re leaving the Milky Way behind and headed to Andromeda, where we’ll meet new allies, confront new enemies, and explore fascinating new worlds.

The Next Great Mass Effect Experience: Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the first Mass Effect game for today’s consoles and the first built on the Frostbite engine. We’re pushing the technology to deliver visuals, story, and gameplay that have never been done in franchise history.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be releasing for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 early in 2017, though no official date has been given just yet.

Mass Effect: Andromeda female Shepard