Mass Effect: Andromeda Pathfinder in the desert screenshot

Mass Effect: Andromeda will bring with it a new and improved version of Mass Effect 3's combat system. It will feature many of the same abilities and strategies, but without any of the previous limitations, which should go a long way towards creating new and interesting playstyles to mess around with.

If you're wondering how far this system will really go, make sure to check out the most recent gameplay preview as it focuses on combat variety, player skills, and squad-based tactics. And don't worry about spoilers, outside of the names of your followers there is absolutely nothing story related in here. Anyway, here's the video:

It really seems that Bioware took player complaints to heart, because the amount of customization you're able to achieve in Andromeda is quite frankly ridiculous. I'm still probably going to stick with my charge-focused Vanguard because I enjoy that playstyle the most, but its still good to know that there's always an option to nearly instantly swap to a completely different loadout with a completely different set of powers.

And speaking of powers and loadouts, if you're interested in learning more about that aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda you can find the previous gameplay preview over here. The video is entirely focused around combat skills, weaponry, and shooting enemies in the face, so once again, there's no need to worry about spoilers. Enjoy!