Mass Effect 2's Legion promo artwork

If this title sounds a bit too familiar, don't worry as you haven't gone insane... at least not yet! Mass Effect 2 has been free on Origin since January, but with Mass Effect: Andromeda just around the corner I figured I would give everyone another heads-up. So if you've never played a Mass Effect game, but are interested in seeing what Bioware has cooked up with Mass Effect: Andromeda, then I would definitely suggest you take EA up on their offer and grab Mass Effect 2 for free.

The only catch is that you will need to install Origin in order to actually play it, but honestly that shouldn't be too big of a problem. Despite the vast amounts of hate being thrown at it, the Origin client is both reliable and easy to use, so don't worry about it messing with your playthrough in any way.

And for those among you that know absolutely nothing about Mass Effect 2, here's the launch trailer to hopefully fill in some gaps. You're most likely still going to be confused, but if you have even a shred of interest in character focused RPGs I would heartily recommend you grab Mass Effect 2 - its one of the best! Anyway, here's the video: