Marvel Ultimate Alliance screenshot from the modern remaster

Despite not being a fan of fighting games, even I can admit that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are some of the most fun comic book inspired punch-em-ups you can find. With that in mind, you would expect that a modern remaster of MUA 1 and 2 would be met with a shower of praise from long time fans and those that would soon become ones... but the reality is unfortunately a bit different.

As it turns out, the "remastered" version doesn't have any of the DLC characters, the menus are almost completely unusable as they don't respond to button prompts properly, you can't rebind the controls, and best of all, controller support is next to nonexistent. If you're among the unfortunate bunch of people that ended up buying the remastered versions for €60, you'll be somewhat glad to hear that the fixes are "on the way" according to a brief Twitter announcement:

"#UltimateAlliance update! MUA1 DLC and PC fixes are on the way! More details to follow from @Activision soon!"

The one piece of good news in this whole mess is that the games themselves are perfectly fine, so if the annoying issues with controls end up being fixed, the remastered versions will most likely be a great improvement over the old ones. Whether that will happen or not, I simply don't know, but I would advise you refrain from buying them until it all gets fixed, because a €60 remaster should come out as nothing less than perfect.