Heroes of the Storm artwork featuring Malthael and the Necromancer

Malthael, Diablo 3's Aspect of Death, has been one of the most requested Heroes of the Storm characters for quite a few months now. Unfortunately for the community, Blizzard had some crossover events planned with Overwatch so Malthael's announcement was not as swift as many had hoped, but the important thing is that he's now finally here!

If you're wondering what exactly he does, I'm sure its going to come as a massive surprise to hear that he's a melee assassin that's all about draining the souls of his enemies in order to empower and heal himself. For more details I would recommend checking out the recent character spotlight video. Have a look:

Besides Malthael the update has also brought with it a brand new crossover quest, this time with Diablo 3. By playing 15 games with a friend in any online mode as heroes from the Diablo universe you will gain 1 Epic Loot Chest and Leoric's Phantom mount for Heroes of the Storm, and the surprisingly badass Ghost Kerrigan Wings for Diablo 3. You don't even need to win in order to finish the quest, just complete all of the matches before the June 26th closing date and you'll have your spectral steed in no time. Have fun!