Sings of the Times artwork for Mafia 3

Mafia 3 will soon be getting its third and most likely final piece of DLC - Sign of the Times. The story will focus on a deranged and rather violent group of cultists called The Ensanglante, whose only goal seems to be to restore purity and order to New Bordeaux through a series of extremely gruesome rituals. As you might expect you will need to figure out how exactly the cult operates, why they have such a fanatical following, and most importantly, how you can stop them.

You can get a brief idea of what all of this is going to look like through the recently posted "Investigating a Cult" trailer right below. Have a gander:

Besides the new storyline there will also be a couple of new weapons and tricks to toy around with. Since your enemies will try to ambush you at every turn with throwing knives and various other traps you might be glad to hear that you'll be able to return the favor with throwing knives of your own. And as is tradition for pretty much every action game these days, there will also be a powerful new slow-mo shooting technique.

The Sign of the Times DLC will be coming on July 25th for PC and consoles. If you would like to learn more I'd suggest heading over to the official website. And finally, allow me to send you off with a couple of images showing off the cultist's work:

Mafia 3 screenshot of the Sanatorium ritual from Sign of the TImes

Mafia 3 Sign of the Times screenshot of blacklight scrwals

Mafia 3 screenshot of an investigation from Sign of the Times