The Surge gameplay screenshot featuring an intense duel

Despite the Dark Souls series becoming fairly mainstream in the past few years, there is a surprisingly small number of games that have attempted to emulate its rather slow and methodical combat style. Deck 13 gave it a damn good shot with Lords of the Fallen, only to end up being slightly too clunky for my liking, but I'm very glad to say that it appears they are going for a second attempt with their upcoming sci-fi RPG The Surge!

If you're wondering what The Surge might offer in terms of gameplay, you'll find the recently posted gameplay preview down below. Its obviously still clunky and unfinished given that its pre-alpha gameplay, but even now it seems to be incredibly faithful to the Dark Souls gameplay formula. Anyway, here's the video:

Once the developers fix some of the glitchy animations, add better audio and visual feedback when you slam robots with a giant mace, and most importantly, add an option to toggle damage numbers, I could easily see The Surge being downright awesome to play. All of the Dark Souls elements are there: the slow and weighty combat, small amounts of incredibly powerful enemies, a heavy focus on stamina and health management, and naturally, an entirely fucked up world.

Whether that will actually work out in the end, I obviously have no idea, but The Surge certainly has a lot of potential to become something amazing, so consider me intrigued! As for the release date itself, The Surge is set to arrive at some point in 2017, though there is no exact date just yet. And since I can offer you very little else in terms of useful information, here's a couple of robo-punching images instead:

The Surge's main character fighting against the boss from the trailer

The Surge screenshot of a fight with a chicken mech

The Surge fighting against multiple enemies