Godfall official artwork for Hinterclaw

After a fair few previews, the action focused 'looter-slasher' Godfall has now finally made its way to PC and PS5. As you might expect from that brief description alone, Godfall is all about messing around with a variety of unique weapons and classes, exploring the world and beating up all sorts of baddies alongside a couple of friends, and naturally, collecting more loot than you could possibly know what to do with.

Since combat is by far the most important aspect of these types of games, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It should hopefully give you a pretty good idea of just what Godfall has to offer. Have a peek:

While I would love to tell you that Godfall is amazing, I'm afraid it has continued with the time-honored tradition of looter-shooters by being thoroughly mediocre. It's not bad by any stretch, certainly not enough that anyone would want to rant about it, but it's also not good enough to really be your main game for any long stretch of time.

So if you're willing to take a bit of advice, I'd recommend staying away for now, and maybe grabbing it at a bit of a discount somewhere down the line. This will not only get you a more polished experience, but you'll also be able to see whether there's any real longevity to Godfall's loot and progression systems before getting invested yourself.

Whatever your choice may be, you can learn more about Godfall over at the official website.