After being strung around with teasers and delays for over 5 years now it feels strange to actually see Black Desert so near its Western release.

But strange or not the buy-to-play action MMO Black Desert will be arriving this March 3rd at a rather affordable €30 / $30. Best of all, there is no subscription! Here's the trailer and a bit more info:


So what exactly is Black Desert all about?

In short, its an action orientated MMORPG with a massive focus on visceral combat, dodging, precision strikes and fighting enemies far larger than yourself. It features a visually beautiful world with content designed for each type of player, from PvP to dungeons, trading and even player housing.

How relevant each part of the game will be once it fully releases I don't know but many of the promo materials cite "the deepest character customization of any game on the current market" so here's to hoping it ends up being as good as it sounds. On the topic of character customization, if you would like to fine tune the appearance of your character right now you can use this official tool and import him/her in to the game later.

Finally, if you would like to give it a try yourself but aren't so keen about spending money blindly you can sign up for the closed beta test that will run from February 18 - 22 though bear in mind your entry isn't guaranteed.

You can guarantee yourself a spot in the beta however by pre-purchasing some of the more advanced packages though I'd honestly not recommend it unless you've already tried the game out and are absolutely sure you'll enjoy it.  For the average player the standard €30 / $30 package is more than enough.