Total War: Three Kingdoms official artwork without logo

After the extravagant Total War: Warhammer games, the mainline series will once again be going in a historical direction with Total War: Three Kingdoms this March 7th. The macOS and Linux ports, however, will be arriving shortly after launch of the PC version. The exact date hasn't been given just yet, but you can definitely expect them to arrive in spring of 2019, unlike some of the other Total War ports which took quite a while to finish.

While Three Kingdoms will indeed be a historical game, it is worth mentioning that it will also have a separately balanced "Romance" mode that fully embraces some of the more mystical elements that permeate the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. So whether you're a fan of realistic strategy or Dynasty Warriors inspired ridiculousness, there will be a game mode dedicated to that sort of playstyle.

Since there is no better way to show you what all of this means than through a gameplay preview, allow me to share one of the recent videos detailing a night-time ambush. Have a gander, it's quite a fun video:

Once more information on the macOS and Linux ports surfaces I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you should head on over to Steam to learn more about Total War: Three Kingdoms and what exactly it brings to the table.