Square Enix announced today via the game's twitter that Lightning Returns will most likely be coming early in December. Details on the actual release date should be arriving shortly as well.

Compared to the other two games in the series Lightning Returns is the odd one out. The battle system has been switch to a more action orientated version and the world is much smaller though a lot more dynamic in nature. There is now a constant timer that counts down the days until the end of the world and as the time changes so do the events in game, some quests might become unavailable, previously sealed routes could open and so on.

I haven't played Lightning Returns yet but the premise sounds interesting and Majora's Mask already proved that such a mechanic can make a great game. So if you do decide to play it, do yourself a favor and don't use a walkthrough, this time based event system is bast experienced first hand.

Its also worth mentioning that the game is designed with multiple playthroughs in mind so don't feel bad if you skip out on a few quests or events in your first run through, you will figure out how to get to them eventually, just make sure to focus on enjoying the game rather than completing everything optimally.