Life is Strange is coming to Linux

Life is Strange is a time-bending adventure game in the vein of the modern Telltale series, by which I mean it mostly focuses on engaging storytelling, simple gameplay, and plentiful choices with long-lasting consequences.

It was by all accounts a rather enjoyable game, so the recent announcement of a Mac version came as no surprise, though many questions were raised about the oddly missing Linux port. As it turns out, the Mac version was simply further ahead in development so Feral Interactive decided to focus all of their efforts on it first, but rest assured as the Linux version is coming as well.

This was all confirmed by Ellie_Feral in a short comment over at Gamingonlinux:

"We're bringing it to the Mac App Store first, which is why we've focussed the spotlight on them for now, but we will bring it to Linux too. It's awesome, we want you to have it."

As you might imagine there is currently no release date available, but there are still some benefits to knowing that its actually coming, the chief among them being spoiler-avoidance.

If you're interested in finding out what Life is Strange is all about, here's one of the launch trailers to set you on the right track: