Life is Strange: Before the Storm official artwork and logo

After a rather hefty wait, Life is Strange: Before the Storm has now finally made its way to both macOS and Linux. It brings with it a story exploring the relationship between our unruly protagonist Chloe Price and the always-popular Rachel Amber, though there is also a small bonus episode covering Max's initial departure from Arcadia Bay.

As expected, the standard edition brings with it all of the three of the main episodes bundled together, while those interested in the above-mentioned bonus episode "Farewell" will need to grab the Deluxe Edition. A bit annoying as the Deluxe Edition doesn't really offer much else, but I'd still recommend getting it if you're a fan of the original game.

On the other hand, if you're wondering whether Before the Storm is even worth the time, I would say the answer is yes. To be perfectly honest, I didn't expect Chloe would make a compelling protagonist given some of her quirks, but thankfully she ended up being pretty darn good, and perhaps more importantly, highly relatable. I can't really say more without venturing into spoiler territory, but what I will say is that if you've found yourself enjoying the original Life is Strange, chances are good you'll like Before the Storm as well.

To learn more about Life is Strange: Before the Storm you can visit either the official website or Steam. And finally, let me send you off with the launch trailer, just for good measure. Have fun!