Lies Beneath screenshot of stylish red monsters

[Update]: Lies Beneath has now arrived, and judging by the user reviews, it's pretty good!

VR's greatest strength is immersion, something that is of the utmost importance for horror games, which makes the two a near-perfect fit. As such, you might be interested to hear that the surprisingly stylish Lies Beneath is an upcoming survival-horror game made exclusively with VR in mind!

Expect to see a variety of comic book inspired monstrosities, highly atmospheric locations that often play fast and loose with reality, and naturally, plenty of melee and ranged weapons to help you fight against whatever lurks in the darkness. Here's what all of this looks like in action:

If that looks like the type of horror game you'd love to dig your claws into, you thankfully won't have to wait for too long in order to give Lies Beneath a try. According to the recent announcement, Lies Beneath will be coming to Oculus Quest on March 31st and the Oculus Rift S on April 14th.

You can learn more about Lies Beneath, as well as what the developers have taken inspiration from, through one of the recent blog posts. It's a pretty interesting read, so I'd recommend checking it out if the gameplay video above seemed right up your alley. Enjoy!