Kuma from Tekken 7 striking a pose

Even though I'm not a big fan of fighting games I spent a lot of time playing the Tekken series throughout my childhood. This wasn't because of its unique mechanics or intricate balance, but rather because it allowed me to beat up my friends as a giant panda, a wooden training dummy, or even a demon/alien samurai whose main attack was stabbing himself in the chest! And that's not even scratching the top of the list of ridiculous characters the series has toyed around with over the years.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that the tradition of including outrageously over-the-top characters continues into Tekken 7 as well. And best of all, Bandai Namco has brought back my favorite - a giant panda named Panda (I never said they were creative), as well as her friend Kuma, the giant bear. It is pretty much as stupid as it sounds, but I can't deny its hilarious watching a bear beat someone down with a salmon! With that image now stuck in your mind, here's their reveal trailer:

While Kuma looks appropriately ferocious, I feel they've made Panda way too adorable. Even her finishing move is too damn cute to actually interrupt! But perhaps the most ridiculous thing about Panda is the new outfit they've given her, though I suppose trying to negotiate with a sentient, combat-ready bear is a rather difficult thing, so I guess I can let that one slide by.

As for Tekken 7, it will be arriving at some point in early 2017, though the release date hasn't been set just yet. And finally, if you would like to learn more about either the characters or the gameplay itself, you should head over to the official website.

Panda from Tekken 7 is too damn adorable

How can you fight against that?!