I didn't initially cower this rumor because it wasn't known if this is just a demo or a full version but this whole story first appeared on the Australian classification website.

And now it would seem that Konami has not only confirmed the rumor that Pro Evolution Soccer is getting a free to play version, they've also given a date, December 8.

As of right now it is exclusive to the PS4 and the PS3 but I'm expecting it to come to PC eventually as well, most likely not on the same date though.

If you bought the game don't worry about being ripped off, the free to play version was described as an entry-level one.

It will include seven teams as well as the Exhibition mode but the main area of play will by MyClub - Konami's version of the popular "build your own team" mode. You will be able to purchase players as well as various other things with in game points you earn while playing, or, you guessed it with microtransactions.

Once again, this is as of right now only for the PS4 and PS3. While there has been no confirmation of a PC version coming it makes no sense for Konami to miss out on potential revenue so I'm thinking the Playstation versions are going to be a timed exclusive.

I'll update you once more information becomes available.