Street Fighter 5's character Kolin striking a battle pose

After first appearing in Street Fighter 3 as an assistant of Gill, Kolin will be joining Street Fighter 5's ever-expanding roster of characters on February 28th. As for her fighting style, Kolin is primarily focused around using the opponent's momentum against them, always ready to counter attack should an opportunity present itself. And she can also shoot ice out of her hands and feet... because why not!

If you're wondering about Kolin's backstory and her moveset, you'll find a brief overview in the recently posted reveal trailer down below. Have a look:

One she arrives Kolin will be available as a part of Street Fighter 5's Season 2 Character Pass, which if you decide to purchase now will set you back $30/€30. Season 2 will also bring with it four additional and currently announced fighters, as well as a whole bunch of costumes to make your characters look as fancy as possible. And speaking of costumes, allow me to send you off by showcasing some of Kolin's:

Street Fighter 5's Kolin battle costume

Street Fighter 5 story costume for Kolin

Street Fighter 5 Kolin's nostalgic costume