Killing Floor 2 flamethrower weapon in action

After quite a few months in Early Access Killing Floor 2 is now fully available for both the PC and PS4. While the first Early Access version could only be described as mediocre, the release version appears to be significantly improved - both in terms of mechanics, and in terms of content!

But if you have no idea what Killing Floor 2 is even like, or if you just need a bit of a refresher, check out the recently posted launch trailer. A fair bit of warning though, it contains a rather large amount of half-naked mutants getting blown, burnt, sliced, and exploded into a variety of colorful giblets. With that lovely imagine now in your head, here's the video:

As an added little bonus, Tripwire has also announced that Killing Floor 2 will be on a 25% discount until November 23. So if you're up for some co-op mutant/zombie slaying, head over to Steam. Oh, and do make sure to try out the Firebug class as the flamethrower in Killing Floor is one of the most enjoyable weapons I have ever had the pleasure of using! Have fun... and try not to set yourself on fire!

Killing Floor 2 Crawler enemy attacking the player

Killing Floor 2 Firebug class vs boss