Killing Floor 2 is getting a versus multiplayer mode

The original Killing Floor is one of my favorite co-op games as it simply has everything: tons of guns, satisfying combat, classes with pros and cons that rely on others, and plenty of ways to dick over your friends without actively ruining anyone's game (praise be to the welding tool).

Killing Floor 2, however, has had a bit of a rocky start in Early Access, but if this upcoming patch is any judge, things are soon going to change as versus multiplayer, variable difficulty, item crafting, and more are being added to significantly bolster the available content. Here are the patch notes, though bear in mind they might change by the time the update finally releases as its currently in testing:


New PVP Gamemode - Versus Survival

New Map - Prison

- with new map achievements 

New Offperk Weapons - Sharpshooter perk and remaining weapons will follow


- Crossbow 

Live Update system

- This will allow us to update many game values for game balance without shipping a new client or server build 

Game Conductor System

- The game will dynamically dial in the gameplay for the appropriate amount of challenge based on the players in the match 

Item Crafting System

- Existing items can be broken down into crafting material that matches its rarity. Master crafted and Precious items can not be broken down. Combining the materials will create a random new item of the next highest rarity.

- Craft Weapon Skins or Cosmetic Accessories

- 10 Common Material > 1 Uncommon Item

- 10 Uncommon Material > 1 Rare Item

- 10 Rare Material > 1 Exceptional Item

- 10 Exceptional Material > 1 Master Crafted Item 

Over 70 new community workshop items shipped in the following new Supply Crate and USB series

- Horzine Supply Crate | Series #3

- Horzine Supply Crate | Series #4

- Horzine Supply Crate | Series #5

- Horzine Supply Crate | Series #6

- Tactical Horzine Encrypted USB

- Predator Horzine Encrypted USB

- Emergency Issue Horzine Encrypted USB

- Street Punks Horzine Encrypted USB

- Horzine First Encounter Encrypted USB  

VS Survival Additions:

• Added the ability to play as Zeds

- Alpha Clot

- Slasher Clot

- Gorefast

- Bloat

- Husk

- Crawler

- Stalker

- Siren

- Scrake

- Fleshpound

- Patriarch 


Third person character animations should now look better when characters are looking about and aiming

Headshots now impart force on the ragdoll from the direction of the blow

All Zed attacks impart some force to players

Removed recoil kick when jumping and firing

New Crate and USB opening animations and rarity sound fx

Weapon Skin Icons have been re-worked

Players can now equip weapon skins directly from the new item ui

Depth of Field has been added to the gear menu 


Increased speed of AA12 elite reloads

Decreased cost of AA12 (?1700 > ?1500)

Increased speed of equip and putaway for welder

Increased speed of equip and putaway for healer by 2x

Speed of healing others and yourself has been increased

Increased speed of equip and putaway of all weapons by 60%

Fleshpound will no longer perma-rage, and Scrake will no longer insta-rage when they are among the last few remaining Zeds 


Fixed some issues with the Husk sprinting animations

Fixed some spectating UI issues

Fixed rubberbanding/jittering when grabbed by Zeds & Patriarch tentacle

Fixed an issue with using HOLD iron sights keeping you in ironsights after letting go

Fixed Berserker attack speed UI display

Possible fix for trader not filling ammo when you only need a few bullets

Fixed an issue where you could stand on top of dosh bling

Fixed some issues with FLEX on KF-VolterManor

Fixed some pathing issues in the Birthday room of KF-Bioticslab

Fixed some issues with rarity and conditions of weapon skins.

Fixed an issue where Rack Em’ Up UI would persist after death or perk swap 

SDK/Mod Workshop:

Added support for .int and .ini to the manual upload tool (GUI upload support will follow at a later date) 

Special note on FLEX:

• We feel we are close to returning FLEX functionality to the game. We are keeping a close eye on performance and crashes related to this which may impact its re-release 

This update is currently a work in progress so its unknown when exactly it will be releasing, but Tripwire has stated that they will announce some more information this week, so stay tuned.