Killing Floor 2 screenshot of the new map Ashwood Asylum

[Update]: Killing Floor 2's summer 2021 update lets you escape the scorching heat by going into space!

As is the case with every October, Killing Floor 2 has gone all-out with the Halloween atmosphere and decorations. All of the malformed enemies have received even spookier models based around famous horror monsters, while the players themselves will get to enjoy the appropriately grim Ashwood Asylum map and accompanying cosmetics.

Naturally, there's also a bunch of weapons to endlessly smash ZEDs with, though this time around they're split between paid weapons and free ones. On the free front you have the HRG Healthrower for the medic that spews out a stream of healing gas, HRG Nailgun for the SWAT that does exactly what you might thing it does, and the HRG Buckshots for the Support that are essentially repurposed revolvers that now fire ridiculously oversized shells.

When it comes to the paid weapons, the first one is the Ion Thruster for the Berserker. It's essentially a lightsaber capable of both slicing through enemies and setting them on fire. An instant classic in my eyes, though unfortunately a bit expensive. The second and final paid weapons are the Rhinos for the Gunslinger - a set of scoped revolvers that can fire explosive bullets filled to the brim with shrapnel, perfect for when you need just a little bit of extra crowd-control.

Whether the paid weapons are worth it or not, I'm afraid I have no idea, but you can get a pretty good impression of just what they and the Grim Treatments update have to offer through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

If you're looking for more details, about either the new weapons or the Ashwood Asylum map, you can find what you seek over at the official website. Have fun!