Killing Floor 2 Halloween screenshot of the new spiderweb infested map

The original Killing Floor was well known for its extravagant holiday updates, and I'm glad to say that the tradition has continued into Killing Floor 2 as well. The recently added Halloween event has brought with it a spooky new map to explore, two new weapons to toy around with (more on that later), King Fleshpound as a new potential final boss, as well as new enemy in the form of the Quarter Pound from the Poundemounium Weekly Outbreak custom game mode.

As for the weapons, fans of explosions will be glad to hear that the Demolition perk has now recieved the Seeker Six, an absolutely gigantic rocket launcher that can lock on to enemies and fire an entire salvo of rockets at the same time. On the completely different side of the spectrum, however, we have the new Medic melee weapon - the Hemogoblin. It has the rather lovely ability of draining the enemy's blood, with the end result being a shriveled corpse where once was a rampaging Zed.

There are also a whole bunch of new cosmetics to collect through in-game means or via microtransactions, though it is worth mentioning that the actual content is completely free of charge. You can learn a little bit more, or just check out some of the screenshots, by heading over to the official website. And finally, here's the recently posted trailer showcasing some of the new additions. Enjoy!