Mighty No. 9 has been delayed a third time

Oh how things have changed. Back when Mighty No. 9's Kickstarter first launched everyone was excited about the prospect of a new Megaman game without any corporate nonsense blocking its development and now, three delays and a heavily mismanaged campaign later, most of that excitement has turned to doubt and anger.

Mighty No. 9 was supposed to launch this February 9th but due to problems with the network modes and porting to various platforms its being delayed until Spring 2016. Here's what Keiji Inafune, the main man behind the game, had to say about the delay:

"Unfortunately, we have an announcement that will be very disappointing to all of you. In preparation for the February release of Mighty No. 9 we have been working hard with our partners to resolve any network issues and porting work necessary to publish Mighty No. 9 on the various platforms. We have been working up until the very last moment to resolve these issues in order to make the February release, but it has become clear that we no longer have enough time to fix the issues and have everything prepared for release.

The reason for the delay is rooted in bugs inside the network modes, and specifically problems with matchmaking. There are two large reasons for this problem, one of them being the large number of platforms supported (the solution for each platform is slightly different) and the other stems from the fact that the engine we are using is no longer being updated which means adjustments for matchmaking and online code are being made manually.

 Because we are constantly working on it in cooperation with all our partners, we want to wait and make sure that everything is confirmed to be ready before giving a new specific release date. But we expect it to realistically be in Spring 2016.

 For this 3rd delay of the game, we have no excuses for disappointing our fans and especially our backers once more. We want to take this chance to express our sincerest apologies to everyone who has looked forward to the release."

With Mighty No. 9 being delayed for the third time now I wonder what this means for Inafune's other upcoming games, ReCore & Red Ash? I'm worried that the team might be spreading themselves far too thin trying to work on three games concurrently.

As for Mighty No. 9, I'm not a very negative person so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt but this whole campaign has been an absolute mess, both in terms of development and communication with the community. So I really do hope that when Mighty No. 9 finally gets released it ends up being worth the wait because otherwise a lot of people would have been strung along for two years only to get burned at the end of it.

As a final note, I do appreciate the fact that they were actually willing to delay the game once more rather than launch it as a "beta" with the promises to patch it over time. If nothing else it at least shows they are committed towards making Mighty No. 9 work out and that's something I can get behind.