Just Cause 4 artwork showing some chaotic combat

After quite a few previews littered with explosions and over-the-top violence, Just Cause 4 has now landed onto both PC and consoles. As you might expect given the series so far, it brings with it a new and improved arsenal of weaponry, extreme weather effects such as sandstorms and tornadoes, and naturally, a couple of barely justified reasons to go out into the world and see what exactly can and can't be blown up.

While the recently posted cinematic trailer doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay details, it should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from Just Cause 4. Have a gander:

Before you get too excited, it is worth mentioning that much like its predecessor, Just Cause 4 has released with a plethora of bugs. Even a single glance at Just Cause 4's Steam page should be enough to tell you that it needs a bit more time in the oven before its full ready. Chances are good the developers will fix it up eventually, much like how they've done with Just Cause 3, so unless you're feeling particularly lucky I would highly recommend you just wait and see what happens with this one.

To learn more about Just Cause 4, as well as to check up on its current state, you should head on over to either the official website or Steam. And if you're planning on buying it in the near future, I wish you the best of luck!