Just Cause 4 official artwork showing an absolute ton of explosions

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise given that its existence was leaked about a week ago, but Just Cause 4 has now been officially announced. There are currently very few details to comb over, but what you can expect to see is a fully customizable grappling hook, an improved wingsuit, some rather extreme weather conditions as noted in the trailer, and naturally, a whole bunch of completely unjustified chaos directed at everyone not-you shaped.

You can get a bit of a sneak peek at what Just Cause 4 is going to look like in-game through the recently posted and excessively explosive announcement trailer. It's not very long, but I'd say it's still well worth a look. Have a gander:

Just Cause 4 will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 4th.

I would love to tell you more, but that's pretty much it as far as this reveal goes. Once more information comes to light I'll make sure to cover it, though you can also visit the official website to stay in the loop.