Just Cause 4 screenshot of our character biking away from a jet

[Note]: Corrected the release date.

Just Cause 4 is set to arrive this December 4th for PC and consoles, bringing with it an even greater amount of explosions and barely justified destruction. You can expect to see a new and much more interesting assortment of weaponry, diverse and occasionally extreme weather effects such as sandstorms or tornadoes, and perhaps most importantly of all, greatly improved AI which will actually use tactics more advanced than "stand and shoot".

Since there is no better way to show you what all of this looks like than with a lengthy gameplay preview, I am very glad to say that the developers have now released exactly that! So if you're curious about what Just Cause 4 has to offer, here's the recently posted and 20-minute long gameplay presentation:

Unsurprisingly, it looks pretty damn fun. The only thing I'm really worried about is the performance, because between the improved visuals, massive open world and newly enhanced AI, Just Cause 4 has a lot on its plate. If you remember, Just Cause 3 struggled with poor performance for quite a few months after launch, so I really do hope that Avalanche will be able to have Just Cause 4 start off already nice and smooth.

But that's a worry for another day, especially since the November 4th release date still leaves the developers with a decent amount of time to get everything polished up and ready for launch. Until then, if you would like to learn more about Just Cause 4, I would recommend you head on over to the official website or Steam.

Just Cause 4 screenshot of our character blowing up helicopters